Strategic Plan

RGC Strategic Plan 2024-2026


To be a leading New Zealand Golf Club, with a high-quality course, excellent facilities and services, and a culture that welcomes golfers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.


We aspire to be recognised for:

  • Providing an excellent golfing experience that attracts and retains members and visitors
  • Delivering outstanding golf coaching programmes suited to people of all ages and abilities
  • Operating within a financially and environmentally sustainable business model
  • Having staff and members who are proud of their Club and take an active role in achieving our mission.



  • Delivering high standards in all aspects of our operations, such as course presentation, governance and management, staff performance, facilities, programmes, hospitality, systems and service.


  • Being respectful towards other people, the Rules of Golf, etiquette, club traditions, the course and facilities.


  • Encouraging everyone to enjoy their experience of being at Russley.


  • Being open to new ideas and the implementation of initiatives that enable our vision.


Key Priorities


  • Maintain a high-quality course, facilities and services - Key Metrics – Member survey/NPS

Financial Sustainability

  • Manage within Operating budgets. – Key Metrics - CA/CL / Operating Profit
  • Maintain and Grow existing income streams - Key Metrics – actual v Bdgt
  • Implement a Fund-Raising plan to achieve $100,000 a year. – Key Metric – Actual v target
  • Debt management- Key Metric - Reduce net bank debt as at the end of each financial year

Human Resources

  • Ensure we have the capability and capacity to deliver our programmes and services.

Key Metric - Succession plan for Management Team

Membership, Marketing and Communications

  • Develop a plan to grow RGC membership revenue by $100K mainly via Full, Six Day, Off Peak high value memberships. – Key Metrics - Act v Target
  • Improve communications generally, with a focus within the member ecosystem - Key Metric – member feedback

Environmental Sustainability 

  • Develop an Environmental Sustainability Plan – Key metrics – Plan delivered by June 2024