Strategic Plan

2021 – 2023



To be a leading New Zealand Golf Club, with a high-quality course, excellent facilities and services, and a culture that welcomes golfers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.



We aspire to be recognised for:

  • providing an excellent golfing experience that attracts and retains members and visitors;
  • delivering outstanding golf coaching programmes suited to people of all ages and abilities;
  • operating within a financially and environmentally sustainable business model;
  • having staff and members who are proud of their Club and take an active role in achieving the mission.


Delivering high standards in all aspects of our operations, such as course presentation, governance and management, staff performance, facilities, programmes, hospitality, systems and service.


Being respectful towards other people, the Rules of Golf, etiquette, club traditions, the course and facilities.


Encouraging everyone to enjoy their experience at Russley.


Being open to new ideas and the implementation of initiatives that enable our vision.



Key Priorities

Course and Facilities

  • Develop a 10-year course development and management plan.
  • Develop a 10-year facilities development and management plan.
  • Continue to support and grow our innovative coaching programmes.

Financial Sustainability

  • Manage within the approved operating budgets.
  • Develop a 10-year funding options paper for the 10-year course and facilities plans.
  • Develop a plan to grow existing and new income streams for the club.

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop a plan to retain and build memberships to the desired levels.
  • Improve communications generally, with an emphasis on social media.

Human Resources

  • Ensure we have the capability and capacity to deliver our programmes and services.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Develop an environmental sustainability plan.