Our Funders

The Russley Golf Club is appreciative of the funding received from various sources to support the Club’s activities.  Funding received since 2024 has come from:

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Kiwi Gaming Foundation

April 2024 – $5,000 – Bunker sand

Funds received were generated at the following pubs aligned with Kiwi Gaming Foundation – The Little Brown Jug, Temp’s Bar and the Redwood Hotel.


The Russley Development Trust

The Russley Golf Club Development Trust is a registered charitable trust; it’s primary purposes are making grants, providing finance and facilities to the Russley Golf Club.  The Trust operates independently under its own constitution but remains accountable to the Russley Golf Club board of directors and its donors.  The Trust was established not long before the Christchurch earthquakes, and despite the disruptions to everyone’s lives during this period there have been a steady stream of regular and one off donations to the Trust.  The course re-development has now been completed and this gives the club an exciting future.  However, there will always be a demand for new and replacement facilities at Russley, together with promotional support of junior programs etc

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Wills & Bequests

Bequests through wills are likely to be significant funders of the Trust’s assistance towards the club facilities. This information may help members of the Russley community to support the trust and assist the club’s growth



A will is a legal document that can help ensure and safeguard the future wishes of the people to meet the causes that are important to the person creating the will. Bequests through wills are a potential funding source for the trust.



A bequest (or legacy) is a gift in a will. It is a thoughtful way of supporting the trust without impacting on your own financial needs or those of your family during your life time.  These may be for either specific or general requests for the trustees to consider.

Legal Advice

The Trustees strongly recommend that donors seek the advice of a lawyer or a trustee company when drafting a new will or a codicil to an existing will.


Bequests - Specific Targets

Please contact a Trustee of the Trust or the General Manager of the club if you would like advice on       considering your bequest to the Trust.


How to make a bequest to the Trust

If you do not have a will or intend to have your lawyer prepare a codicil to your existing will the following is a suggested wording for your bequest to the Trust.


“I give and bequeath to the Trustees of The Russley Golf Club Development Trust the sum of $................. from the residue of my estate for the general charitable purposes of The Russley Golf Club Development Trust or I EXPRESS the wish but without intending to create a legally binding trust in that regard that the benefit hereby given be applied principally towards ___________________ (specific purpose eg Junior Golf)


Advising the Trust

If you have made provision for the Trust in your will or you are planning to make a bequest it would help future planning if you were able to advise the Trust.


Response Form

If you would like to speak to a trustee to discuss any questions you may have about the Trust then please either contact a trustee or complete the response form. We thank you for considering the Trust.


The Trustees



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