Pay close attention to the pin position here, it will pay to remain underneath the hole with a deceptively sloped green. A small bunker on RHS of fairway catches a surprising number of tee shots, but too far left will leave a long approach and tangle with trees and heavy rough. Seemingly workable iron shots tending to the RHS of the green risk catching some slopes and ending up at the bottom of a deep swale well below the green. Off the back tees a difficult hole into the prevailing wind. Par a good score.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 7 400
   Blue   4 7 370
   Purple   4 5 175
   Red   4 7 264
   Stone   4 15 264
   White   4 7 358
   Yellow   4 7 313
   Championship   4 5 358
   Purple   4 5 175
   Red   4 5 264
   White   4 5 358
   Yellow   4 5 313


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