A straight shot or slight fade will set up the opening into this green, with the trees on RHS best avoided and LHS of the fairway being the preferred line into the green. An undulating fairway can require come creativity on shots into the green. The back part of this deep green slopes away from the player requiring accurate club selection on the second shot. Any long approaches will tend be guided into a run off area over the back of the green leaving long putts/chips.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 4 394
   Blue   4 4 383
   Purple   4 4 200
   Red   4 4 279
   Stone   4 2 394
   White   4 4 354
   Yellow   4 4 325
   Championship   4 4 325
   Purple   4 4 200
   Red   4 4 279
   White   4 4 354
   Yellow   4 4 325


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