A short dog leg right hole but definitely not easy. Longer hitters may look to hit over the trees to cut the corner and drive the green or be in the hollows just short. A strong fade with a fairway metal is the ideal shot off the tee with two bunkers waiting to catch the hooked or pulled shot. A wide, raised but shallow green will require a well struck approach to hold the putting surface to give a birdie opportunity. If the pin is on the LHS of the green the tree 10m short of the green means RHS of fairway is favoured off the tee.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 12 335
   Blue   4 12 323
   Purple   4 16 130
   Red   4 12 270
   Stone   4 6 323
   White   4 12 308
   Yellow   4 12 280
   Championship   4 16 308
   Purple   4 16 130
   Red   4 16 270
   White   4 16 308
   Yellow   4 16 280


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