A long par 5 with bunkering on the RHS waiting to catch pushed or sliced drives. Longer hitters will however still favour the RHS to open up the second shot. The lake in front of the long green is the main hazard, and only long hitters in good conditions will consider going for this green in two, with a full carry across the lake required. But beware, laying up too far back can produce a difficult approach especially when the pin is in the back left position with a small landing target. Most players will lay up as far down as they dare to the RHS of the fairway short of the lake.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   5 5 504
   Blue   5 5 492
   Purple   5 1 240
   Red   5 5 364
   Stone   5 3 459
   White   5 5 481
   Yellow   5 5 459
   Championship   5 1 459
   Purple   5 1 240
   Red   5 1 364
   White   5 1 481
   Yellow   5 1 459


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