Learn to Play


Did you know that more adults in New Zealand participate in golf than any other sport, there must be a reason for that! We certainly believe so.

- Meet lifelong friends in a fun and relaxed environment
- Challenge yourself, physically and mentally
- Learn a sport that will offer enjoyment for the rest of your life
- Low impact exercise that works your whole body and definitely your brain
- Enjoy the feeling of achievement and success
– Addiction guaranteed
- Join a club, make friends and interact with like-minded people

Be warned, golf is not an easy sport to learn but accept the challenge, commit yourself and allow our professional team to help you through one of our introductory programmes, put in some hard work and you are guaranteed a fun and rewarding game for life.

Our Russley Golf Learning centre is built upon our goals to introduce more and more people to our great sport in a relaxed yet professional way, click on the programmes for more information, you will never look back!